Sexual Harassment Watch





Sexual Harassment Watch is a secure, web based data base, created to maintain a record of organizations that comply with ‘Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act 2010’. This data base makes it possible for relevant government departments and others to monitor implementation of this law. Implementation can be monitored province wise or sector wise, to give a clear picture of the level of implementation.

As organizations enter their compliance information in this data base, a username and password is generated, with the help of which they can update their information as and when needed.

Benefits of being a part of Sexual Harassment Watch Community

Once an organization’s compliance information in the data base is verified and approved, they get access to:

  • An interactive course on the issue of sexual harassment and the law, to use for training their employees.
  • They also get to use the logo of ‘Gender Friendly Organization’


AASHA was an alliance against sexual harassment (2001 to 2011). It was formed with three specific objectives:

  • 1.To have the issue of sexual harassment acknowledged in the society
  • 2.Form a policy to curb sexual harassment
  • 3.To have anti-sexual harassment legislation

In the beginning of 2010, all three objectives were achieved. The next two years were spent on starting the implementation of these laws in an organized and systematic manner and on December 22nd, 2011, AASAH was concluded with a big celebration, in the presence of professionals from all sectors working on implementation and working women from all parts of the country. Everyone present took an oath to continue the implementation process and stand with those who gather the courage to speak out and report cases of sexual harassment.

If you need the text of the law and Code of Conduct and want to learn how to comply with anti-sexual harassment legislation, click on the link below.

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Mehergarh served as the secretariat of AASHA. After the alliance concluded on December 22nd, 2011, Mehergarh took over the responsibility of implementing anti-sexual harassment legislation throughout the country.

Mehergarh helps organizations in the compliance process and trains their HR professionals, Standing Inquiry Committee Members and trainers.

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