University of Agriculture Faisalabad

Universities/ Higher Education Commission (HEC)

NameUniversity of Agriculture Faisalabad
CategoryUniversities/ Higher Education Commission (HEC)
Do you have female staff ?Yes
Female staff208
Transgender staff0
Total staff3387
AddressThe University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Agriculture University Road, Faisalabad

Compliance Details

Have you appointed your Inquiry CommitteeYES
Have you displayed the Code of Conduct in your officeYES
Specify location where Code of Conduct is displayed in your officeAll Notice Boards of the University
Have you given a briefing to the members of the inquiry Committee on the CodeYES
Have you conducted any Seminar or an Awareness Session for your staff or related departments on the new legislationYES
Date of Seminar or Awareness Session2014-12-29
Did your organization have any policy to address sexual harassment before passage of this lawYES
Have you appointed your Focal PersonNO

Commitee Members

Full NameEmail
i.Prof. Dr. Ahrar Khan
1.Prof. Dr. Ahrar Khan. 2. Prof. Dr. Tanvir Ali. 3. Dr. Farzana