Mehergarh has been the secretariat of AASHA movement (Alliance Against Sexual Harassment) and an active player in the implementation process. It maintains this data base and shares it with all the implementation partners in hope that there will be zero tolerance for the crime of sexual harassment at our work places.

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AASHA was an alliance against sexual harassment (2001 to 2011). It was formed with three specific objectives:

  1. To have the issue of sexual harassment acknowledged in the society

  2. Form a policy to curb sexual harassment

  3. To have anti-sexual harassment legislation

In begining of 2010 all three objectives were achieved. The next two years were spent on effective implementation of these laws and on December 22nd 2011 AASAH conculded.
If you want to learn how to comply with anti-sexual harassment legislation click on the link below.

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National Implementation Watch Committee (NIWC)

After the passage of two laws against sexual harassment, National Implementation Watch Committee (NIWC) was established at the platform of NCSW (National Commission on the Status of Women) on the special instructions of Prime Minster. The main aim of establishing this committee was to facilitate and monitor countrywide implementation of the two laws.

Provincial Implementation Watch Committees
1. Punjab Implementation Watch Committee
Secretariat: Women Development Department
Phone: 042-9920-4197, 042-9920-3465
2. Sindh
Secretariat: Women Development Department
Phone: 021-9921-7719