DHA Suffa University, Karachi is imparting world class higher education in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Management Sciences and Computer Science. It has the Charter granted by the Sindh Government and it is recognized by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) and the relevant accreditation bodies such as PEC, NCEAC and NBEAC


DHA Suffa University, Karachi

NameDHA Suffa University, Karachi
CategoryUniversities/ Higher Education Commission (HEC)
Female StaffYes
AddressDG 78, Off Kheyaban e Tufail, Phase VII (Ext),DHA
ZIP / Postal Code75500

Performa Details

→ Have you issued a directive or office memo informing the staff that the Code of Conduct is a part of your policies?Yes
Code of conduct issue date2014-09-18
If No, reason for the delay:
→ Who have you designated as the Competent Authority for this ActVice Chancellor, DHA Suffa University
→ Have you appointed your Inquiry Committee?:Yes
→ Have you displayed the Code of Conduct in your office?:Yes
Specify location where Code of Conduct is displayed in your officeAll notice Boards in the University
→ Have you given a briefing to the members of the inquiry Committee on the Code?:Yes
→ Have you conducted any Seminar or an Awareness Session for your staff or related departments on the new legislation?Yes
Date of Seminar or Awareness Session2015-11-19
→ Did your organization have any policy to address sexual harassment before passage of this law?No

Commitee Members

Engr. Akhtar Nadyme021-35244868
Ms. Saima Sardar021-35244851
Lt Col (R) Anwar Ali TI(M)012-35244860