Community World Service Asia is an ecumenical regional organization implementing humanitarian and development initiatives in Asia. Marginalized communities are assisted irrespective of race, faith, color, age, sex, economic status, or political opinion. Respecting the right to choose how to live, we work with marginalized communities in order for them to overcome inequality and lead dignified, peaceful, and resilient lives.


Community World Service Asia

NameCommunity World Service Asia
Female StaffYes
Address42-H, Block 6, PECHS, Dr Mehmood Hussain Road, Karachi, Pakistan
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Performa Details

→ Have you issued a directive or office memo informing the staff that the Code of Conduct is a part of your policies?Yes
Code of conduct issue date2005-08-01
If No, reason for the delay:
→ Who have you designated as the Competent Authority for this ActMr. Tyrone Fernandes - Associate Director Operations
→ Have you appointed your Inquiry Committee?:Yes
→ Have you displayed the Code of Conduct in your office?:Yes
Specify location where Code of Conduct is displayed in your officeNotice Board
→ Have you given a briefing to the members of the inquiry Committee on the Code?:Yes
→ Have you conducted any Seminar or an Awareness Session for your staff or related departments on the new legislation?Yes
Date of Seminar or Awareness Session2015-10-13
→ Did your organization have any policy to address sexual harassment before passage of this law?Yes

Commitee Members

Leslie Alfonso021-34390541Head of Human Resource
Zainab Raza021-34390541Deputy Director Organizational
Shama Mall021-34390541Deputy Director Development & Capacity Enhancement
Joseph MasihManager External
Ayesha HassanAssociate Director Development & Capacity Enhancement